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Dentist Sioux Falls SD | Meet Dr. Molly Karmazin | General & Cosmetic

Meet Dr. Molly L Karmazin

Overcoming dental stigma one patient at a time.

Patient Obsessed

And she plans to keep it that way.

Dentist Sioux Falls SD - Headshot of Dr. Molly Karmazin

Dentistry is Dr. Molly’s passion. She has been practicing dentistry since 2003, and she truly loves every minute of it. She enjoys the consistency of working with her husband as they view each patient as “their” patient. Plus, you get the bonus of a second opinion from another qualified dentist.

The field of dentistry is a common theme in Dr. Molly’s family. Two of her brothers are practicing dental specialists in Sioux Falls as well. They are an esteemed periodontist and endodontist and are always on-hand to give their advice.

Besides being an awesome dentist in Sioux Falls, SD, Dr. Molly loves furthering herself through continued education. Plus, she is mildly obsessed with recipes, baking, and cooking when not in the office.

“I want to make dentistry doable for our patients.”

More About Your Dentist in Sioux Falls, SD

Education & Areas of Study

  • Attended South Dakota State University for her undergraduate work
  • Doctorate in Dental Sciences from the University of Nebraska
  • Clinical Mastery Series
  • Spear Curriculum
  • Studied Sleep Apnea/Sleep Dentistry

Hear From Her Patients

“Always feel like the doctors have my best interest in mind, and I feel like I can trust their opinions. I have had only the best experiences at Karmazin Dental.”

– Actual Karmazin Patient

Dr. Molly Karmazin Strives to Provide the Best Dentistry in Sioux Falls

Dentist Sioux Falls SD - Dr. Molly Karmazin working hard

Ready for Your New Smile?

You can book your appointment right now, or meet her husband, Dr. Corey Karmazin.